Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Setting up Wireless LAN on iPhone at RITS

I have been trying to figure out the way to enabling wireless LAN on iPhone at my campus; BKC.. The details can be found from RAINBOW website if you click on this link.. On this entry, I just show you the main points on how to do it..

1) Switch "ON" your Wi-Fi and then click on [Other...]

2) Just put in the following:
    Name: Rits-Wireless
    Security: WPA2
    ................................ and then press "Join"

3) If you are inside the campus, make sure your iPhone detect the university's wireless signal.. There are some places where the signal could not be detected so you should find other places (somewhere near the library would be nice)

4) Next, you will need to setting the VPN in order to use the internet.. From "Settings", go to "General" and click on "Network". From there, click on "VPN" and then press "Add VPN Configuration"

5) From here, press "IPSec" and do the following:
   Description: RITS BKC VPN (optional)
   Account: (Insert your RAINBOW ID)
   Group Name: Rits-Mac
   Secret: rits-mac
6) For the proxy part, click on "Auto" and insert the following:
     ............................ and then click "Save" at the top of the page.

7) Now, switch "ON" the VPN and it will ask you to insert your RAINBOW ID and password.. If you insert them perfectly, the connection time will appear and you are set to go online~

8) If you want to stop using the wireless, you can just push "OFF" Wi-Fi.. The next time you want to use it, swith "ON" Wi-Fi and VPN and just insert your RAINBOW password~


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