Saturday, 23 October 2010


"Why" is the name of a wordless book written by Nicolai Popov for children. It is an effective commentary on the futility of war. This book was recognized as the best children's books in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. "I drew this book because I think if the children understand the futility of war, see how easy it is to succumb to violence, maybe they will fight with it in the future" - said Popov. This is a wordless, "silent" book which is the best messenger of peace, than all the big words. The book can also be a wonderful gift not only for a child but for an adult in a sign of reconciliation and love.

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  1. wow, klasik betul lukisan kartun tu :D

  2. comel je ilustration gne tikus n katak.
    seoga mesejnye sampai,bukan untuk hiburan semate2..

  3. sepatut nye orang dewasa pon kene belajar dari kanak2..



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