Wednesday, 1 July 2009


1 July - KUSATSU

aaaAAAA~ it's already July.. before this coming 15th, students who wants to further their studies must send their research proposal to YPM.. I wonder if I could make it on time to submit it since I can only say that my research proposal is kinda 1/4 towards completion.. 一応 (for the time being) I'll try my best to fill in all the required parts and leave the rest to the One.. I've been discussing about this with my lecturer and my senior, and they have been really helping me alot although they find it pretty confusing since japanese style - they usually submit their research plan in order to obtain scholarship AFTER they have finished their research.. but in our case, it is 逆 (opposite).. even I did not know exactly what kind of research I'm gonna do next year since we (lab mates) only discussing about research theme at the moment..

Back to the main story, today when I wake up I heard a bell rang and my intuition tells me that it is the post boy~ guess what, it was the post boy bringing my second hand electronic dictionary that I ordered from the yahoo auction. Before this I already bought a dictionary when I arrived in Japan march last year in Akihabara. The one that I bought before was Sharp's Papyrus PW-AT760 model which cost me around 20,000円 at that time.. (later I found out that my juniors bought the same model this year; around 10,000円 only)~ Seriously speaking, during my third year degree, most of the time I didn't have the chance to use that dictionary~ not that I understand perfectly what the lecturer was explaining during lectures, but it just that I felt checking the words using the computer was more easier than searching thru the dictionary (I don't have time to search words during the class~ so I usually look up for the words that I didn't know during revision period).. plus the bad part of my previous dictionary was that :

1) the size was quite big.. not to mobile enough to use
2) sometimes I had a hard time trying to push the key pads..

When my housemate, Joe showed me his new dictionary with ワンセグ (1seg) capability to watch tv from the dictionary last month; it really makes me jealous since it's kinda カッコイイ (macho) to have one of those~ I've been searching for a new dictionary after that with my number one priority was the exact model that Joe bought.. but apparently the price of the same model was high enough to make me think twice whether to buy it or not.. I also want a new dictionary which is small in size that can fit my cloth pocket.. I've been dreaming on buying a dictionary that I've been using during my years at UniSEL; SONY DD-IC700S which is compact and easy to use. I've been surveying the model for the past couple of month waiting for a price that is affordable to me and luckily; my patience pays off when my bid of 5000円 won last saturday~

While waiting for the product to arrive, I excellantly sold my previous dictionary to one of my laboratory seniors who is a Mongolian for 8000円.. Although I wanted to sold it around 10,000円 but he managed to threaten me to lower the price and as the result, I have no other choice but to sell it around the price that I mentioned before.. I wuz lucky enough that he interested to buy my previous dictionary because the dictionary that he was using was an older model of my previous and it was really inconvenience for foreigners whose japanese proficiency is quite low like him.. the best thing about my new dictionary was that I can bring it anywhere; and I meant anywhere because I have a habit of reading books during 'emptying my bowels' and having a dictionary while reading japanese books really helps me towards understanding what I am reading~

p/s dont try this at home.. lol


  1. ahaha. my family also have that habit. reading while u'r ahem. but then, not books exactly. it's usually newspaper or comics. :p bcus ppl say it's not really good to bring along 'ilmu ke dlm itu.' XD

  2. ur family? is it so hard to say that ur one of them.. ehem~ :p



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