Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Alhamdulillah I've been selected to join the event which is scheduled on 17th and 18th October; Two-day Bus Tour in Wakasa Town, Fukui which is organized by the Commerce and industry sightseeing section of Fukui with the association of Ritsumeikan Educational Supporters Association (父母教育後援会学生教育支援事業). Actually, the trip will be separated into two where the first trip will be held on 27~28th August; since at that time we are fasting so I decided to apply for the 2nd trip.. Both trip have their own advantages because there are tons of interesting sightseeing places to go but since there is lack of time, I will miss to see :-

1) Uriwari-fall
2) Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum
3) Lake cruise
4) Fireworks in the beach
5) Fishery visit
6) Souvenir shop for plum products
7) Rainbow line

but on the other hand, these are the schedules for my trip :- (owh I do hope they could add more activities on that day~)

1) Kumagawa-juku
2) Spa Kirara-no-yu
3) Agricultural experience
4) Walking event
5) Rainbow line

Everything will be my first experience and I'm looking forward for the Spa activity :D For those who are interested to join the trip, you're lucky since the dateline to submit your application was delayed until the end of this month.. I seriously hope that my acquaintances would join the first trip, therefore we can share the experiences that we get on the end of the day~


  1. nak g jauh..=(

  2. huhu.. Korea ape citer weiiiii~~~

  3. 1st time baca entry Inggeris ko.

  4. selected means pree org bwk ka??nnt shoukai tmpt2 best eh!stat taun dpn aku jd org fukui!!yeay!

  5. @edi : lame x praktis english pon bahaya gak.. huhu~

    @ulya : overall ak kene bayar 5000円~ iA ak akan try 紹介 kan tempat2 best.. nanti boleh la ko yg bawak ak ke tempat2 tuh ek.. huhu~



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