Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Andrei Arshavin

Only God knows how long have I been keeping this post.. Finally, finally it has been official that the biggest signing for January window transfer saga, Russian star forward Andrei Arshavin have joined Arsene Wenger's Arsenal squad. The jersey number that he will be wearing is the number 23 used by former England international Sol Campbell before he left for Portsmouth. Arshavin, the name the world had forgotten for all this years but he incredibly announced his name during Euro 2008 where he had contributed to his country only to lose to the team that happens to be the champion for the tournament; Spain. He wowed everyone including me during the tournament and amazingly after the tournament, a loads of big clubs around the world like Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Juventus.. they all wanted to have his signature but unluckily, his current-former club; Zenit St. Petersburgh doesn't want his best player to go cheap.. For that reason, he stuck with the club until January or I might say early February also.. Moving on, let's learn a bit about this man..

full name : Andrei Sergeyevich Arshavin
DOB : May 29, 1981
place of birth : St. Petersburg
height : 1.72 m (I'm taller than him.. huhu)
playing position : attacking midfielder, striker

Personally, I pessimistically thought that the deal to bring him to Ashburton Grove would have broken down thanks to Wenger's policy not to sign players with big cash tag, and players that are linking with other clubs.. but amazingly during January transfer window, only Arsenal made an official statements claiming they want Arshavin, other clubs seems to back off a bit..
A lot of problems occured during the process to bring him in and one of them is his wage at his former club is well higher than any Arsenal player at the moment.. (I wonder what Wenger's strategy on this one..)

January transfer saga actually belongs to Kaka consider Manchester City willingly to pay a huge sum of 120 million pound for him but Kaka made the fans relieved when he chose to stay rather than to play with a club who doesn't even play for the champions league nor even the UEFA cup. Even Robinho seems to be unsatisfied with his club's performence during the first half of the season which sees his club currently struggling to keep out from the relegation zone. Its true that there are some things money can't buy.. you have to appreciate with what you have and bring the best of it~

What made the Arsenal manager wants to sign him? Speaking with the Arsenal press he said that "He's a guy who can go past people in the final third. He can have the key, individually and collectively. " For me, he is the next big thing in english football, and it's only a matter of time for he to wowed the EPL and to the world once again what he has~ lets enjoy some videos of the tallented Andrei Arshavin during his years with Zenit and the international squad.. seeing is believing!!


  1. nice movement..tapi mcm byk offside jer..x gtu?ekekek..v0v

  2. hoho.. ak pon tgh syok giler menunggu game pertama dia.. offside? tu perkara biasa dalam bola sepak.. ak ak ak

  3. aku pon minat arsenal!!!! huhuhu
    kyo_9 kalo ko kuar kan artikel blajar bahasa negara lain kan bagus aku teringin nak blajar la......



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