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Below are extract from Al-Habib Abdullah bin Hassan Al-Shatrie's book, "Risalah A'Din Nasihat"

Grievous and minor sins that could entrap one towards the path leading to abysmal hell

Among the Grievous Sins

  1. Disbelieve on the tenets of Iman and do not practice the tenets of Islam
  2. Killing without the legitimate injunction of Shari’ah
  3. Fornication or Sodomy
  4. Stealing or confiscate of other people belongings
  5. Accusation on adultery not in accordance to Shari’ah’s jurisdiction.
  6. Eating or drinking or sniffing on stuff which causes intoxication
  7. Gambling
  8. Operating and Lending on the basis of Riba’ (interest)
  9. Acting as a False Witness
  10. Spreading fictitious news
  11. Attesting on false oath
  12. Abstain from carrying out obligatory prayers or purposely delaying them from their appointed times without Shari’ah’s decree.
  13. Refuse to bestow Zakat (tithe)
  14. Abstain from fasting during the month of Ramadhan without Shari’ah’s decree.
  15. Refrain from performing the obligatory Haj pilgrimage even though already within the means
  16. Spreading scandals and rumor mongering among the society
  17. Slandering a decent person
  18. Becoming spiteful or mean and envious
  19. Becoming an arrogant person
  20. Being proud on doing of forbidden deeds
  21. Deriding and ridiculing someone so as to degrade him
  22. Drawing natural portraits of person or animal (in total form)
  23. Changing the natural facial countenance by profiling the teeth and shaving the eye-brows
  24. Tattooing
  25. Wearing wig from other people’s hair
  26. Refrain from spreading Islamic missionary work and not to inhibit wrong doings (committing sins)
  27. Giving legal ruling (fatwa) without knowledge expertise
  28. Forgetting memorised Quranic verses
  29. Assaulting or cursing a Muslim not in accordance Shari’ah
  30. Fleeing from the battle field of Jihad
  31. Snooping (by seeing or hearing) on other peoples’ secrets
  32. Sexual intercourse with menstruating wife
  33. A wife’s refusal to have sexual intercourse with the husband not on basis as allowed by Shari’ah
  34. Disobedient and recalcitrant towards one or both the parents
  35. Severing relationship with the family ties without basis as allowed by Shari’ah
  36. Embezzlement of orphans’ properties
  37. To under weigh or shorten measurement on saleable items
  38. Decline to become a witness to bring to justice
  39. Decline to accept Shari’ah’s appointment when he is the most eligible candidate
  40. Practicing sorceries’ witchcraft
  41. Burning of animals not in accordance with the Shari’ah
  42. Giving or receiving bribes or act as an intermediary on its procurement
  43. Wailing or beating and bashing oneself or tearing of clothes in grief over death
  44. Despotic treatment on an innocent person (without sin)
  45. Assist and collaborate with a tyrant in his despotism 

Of Minor Sins

  1. Looking at a woman of marriageable status with lust (not those forbidden to contract marriage, wife or slave) or captivatingly listening to her voice or purposely touching her body or being together in seclusion –(outside the scope of permissible Shari’ah)
  2. Looking at the forbidden parts of other people’s body which should not be exposed
  3. Exposing one’s own private part of the body without reason not in accordance as allowed by Shari’ah
  4. Ejaculating sperms not in accordance to Shari’ah (masturbation)
  5. Maintain a close rapport with immoral person
  6. To laugh off at other people’s mistake
  7. To enact buffoonery with the others
  8. Stride over the shoulder of someone who is praying
  9. Pass over in front of someone who is praying
  10. Continuously fasting the non obligatory although commendable fast without intermittent break
  11. Dyeing the hair black
  12. Breeding dogs without reason
  13. A woman travelling alone without the companionship of husband or with those forbidden to contract marriage (mahram) or in women’s group
  14. Selling or buying commodities at under cut prices to ruin other people businesses
  15. Intercept buying of commodities before they reach the market and knowing the current price
  16. Competitive bidding on auction
  17. Hide the defective quality of goods for sale
  18. Man wearing of gold or silk (made from silkworm) without Shari’ah’s approval
  19. Man who decorates henna on the body
  20. Men impersonating the manner of women and vice versa, women impersonating the manner of men
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    1. sama2 berusaha mendapatkan keampunan dari-Nya

  3. Kadang2 kita tau benda tu salah, tapi kita buat jugak.. huhuhu...

  4. Great sharing. It's just sad keep seeing/reading this happening around me all the time.

    BTW, happy new to you, your family and colleagues in Japan. Hope you'll have another great one

    1. Thanks, my fellow blogger :)

      likewise, happy new year to u too..
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