Saturday, 12 December 2009

The Matrix

Definitely my favourite all time movies is The Matrix trilogy~ one of the biggest record-breaking box office movies in the history of film making.. I also like the main actor, Keanu Reeves very much with his cool style and macho~ The first movie; The Matrix (1999) start premiering when I was in standard 6.. I watched this movie at my friends house with a VTR player but the screen was very smooth at that time.. We watched it over and over again with the superb fighting scenes and the popular 'bend down to escape bullet' scene was very memorable.. The Matrix storyline was kinda hard to follow but since I was a kid at that time, I watch movies only to entertain myself~ I was very happy to know that there will be a sequel of the movies; which later on we know it as The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and The Matrix Revolutions (2003).. I managed to watch the last movie on the big screen since it screening during school outs.. Although the storyline seems to expand much wider (complicated) with the matrix world, but one thing for sure is, the fighting scene gets better and better.. The fact that Neo, who is 'the one' in this movie can fly just like Superman was very entertaining~

What is The Matrix? Is it just a movie or it has 'something' secret that can lead to a big truth to the audience who is seeking it? I've been watching the movies for quite a number of times but I still finds it hard to explain to others about the matrix.. Movies nowadays is not like the old days where the main purpose is to entertain people, I believe movies at present really has something that connects with the world today.. I was amazed to know that Lord Of The Ring Trilogy also has something to do with the end of days; the story of Imam Mahdi fighting the dajjal before the judgement day was a total 'mind opener' (check out The Arrival series on youtube for further information).. Recently, I found a very informative blog that covers the inside story of the matrix and how it relates to the world we live in today; theories about dajjal, prophets, judgement days.. and the best part is, their main source is the holy Quran.. The purpose of this entry is to introduce to you guys about this blog.. check it out~

(click this image to go to the blog that I've mentioned..)

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