Wednesday, 28 October 2009

life and football

Today I wuz shocked with the news that Real Madrid, a club nicknamed 'Galacticos' because of their superstar players was beaten 0-4 by a club who plays in the 2nd division of the spanish league.. If you see the name of the players who played during that match; which most of them are regular faces during international matches.. you will never predict them to lose the match.. if 1 or 2 goals were a surprised, what 4 goals would do you? I've been watching la liga (spanish league) for a decade now and the team who I support is Real Madrid and Barcelona.. to see a team you admire, beaten by a 2nd division team is kinda shameful to acknowledge but, in football it is very hard to predict the result= just like human's life ;) only God knows what will happen in the future~ Nowadays, to win a match, in does not depend how big is the club, nor the players.. it totally depends on the game play and luck! Unfortunately, Real Madrid ran out of luck on this match~ :-/


  1. im a liverpool fan..hahah xde kne mengene pn..

  2. updates : arsenal 2 - 1 liverpool

  3. come on la.lvrpool leh mng ngan MU je.ngan len smph gk.hahaha....match real n alcorcon tu pn agk tak best la.dgn pdg ntah pape.stadium leh isi 200 org dakke.ronaldo tak men.dudek as GK.manager real ni cm truk je.player power tp tak reti gne sepowernya.huhuhu



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