Friday, 17 April 2009

attention to all ladies..

I sincerely like to ask some help to all of you especially ladies; those who could help me find this thing..

I've been asked by my mum to buy her this thing which unfortunately she herself did not know the name of it.. the only thing she knew about is that "it can be bought in Japan~"

I've been googling for this trying to search the name of it but the result is not what I've expected to end up with.. I've also tried to search for it on yahoo japan auction but since I did not know the name of it, it really is a pain in the a** ~

I'm sure some of you might know or heard about this stuff.. so guys, pleaseeeee help me= and may Allah reward you in Jannah insyaAllah..

p/s dpt teka nama benda tu pon jadi lah..


  1. hey.. of my lec use this thing..
    i think that it is also available in m'sia..not onli japan..
    but..sory,i dun kno that thing's name ah...

  2. owh.. ade jual kt Malaysia gak ke? kalo ikut logik, musti ade jer kan? huhu, kalo tau nama pon jadi ler.. 誰か~

  3. yup...ada jual kat malaysia becoz i have seen my collegues beli..dlm RM20 lebih je kalo xsilap..but sorry i don't know the name of the thing..

  4. hah.. dah 2 orang cakap ade jual kt Malaysia.. ni yg nk kene report kt mum nih.. huhu~

  5. lahai..bende penyangkut tu ker?? aku baru beli tadi kt 100yen shop. cube ko crk. plastik dah buang lak kalo x leh tau dlm nihongo die mende. hhe

  6. *gedebuk* terjatuh..
    100 yen!! dah beribu kali ak masuk kedai tuh.. apsal leh x terpikir nk carik situ ekk..
    huhu~ thank youuuuuu~~~



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