Saturday, 7 January 2012

Student's Bible

1. Sleep now, you will be dreaming. Study now, you will be achieving your dream.

2. Today you wasted is the tomorrow that a dying person wished to live.

3. The earliest moment is when you think it's too late.

4. Better do it today than tomorrow.

5. The pain of study is temporary; the pain of not study is lifelong.

6. You never lack time to study; you just lack the efforts.

7. There might not be a ranking of happiness but there is surely a ranking of success.

8. Studying is just one little part of your life; loosing it leads to loosing the whole life.

9. Enjoy the pain if it's inevitable.

10. Waking up earlier and working out harder is the way to success.

11. Nobody succeeds easily without complete self-control and strong perseverance.

12. Time passes by.

13. The saliva you drooled today will be tears falling tomorrow.

14. Study like a dog and play like a gentleman.

15. Stop walking today and you'll have to run tomorrow.

16. A true realist is the one who invests in future.

17. Education equals to income.

18. Today never returns again tomorrow.

19. Even at this very moment, your competitors keep reading.

20. No pain, No gain.

21. If you close your eyes to the present, the eyes for the future close as well.

22. Sleep instead of dozing.

23. Most great achievement happen while others are sleeping.

24. Impossibility is the excuse made by the untried.

25. The pay-off of efforts never disappear without redemption.

26. One more hour of study, you will have a better husband or wife (lol)

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