Monday, 4 May 2009


ALIF dikire satu, BA' dua, THA tiga dan seterusnye. bile semua angka pada huruf Bismallah di campur, jumlahnya 786. ini bukan bid'ah. Inilah rahsia Quran yang kite tak pernah explore.

I mean we number the huruf in jawi with running numbers, and we add the number for the huruf(letters) for Basmallah and the total is 786.

Have we ever wonder how Quran is said to have all answers to everything? But, when we look at the lines, they are more like stories? Where are the solutions then?

Well, the means and ways are presented in a few manners to mentioned some are direct translations, some kias or figurative, some through numericals and ect.

We all know that there are 6666 lines in the Quran and the human body has 6666 veins. Only with certain knowledge we can attached each line with each vein. That is how spiritual medication works.

Numbers is important in islam. Asma Ul Husna is 99, 'a hundred less one'. solah 5 times a day with 2, 4, and 3 rakaah, wudhuk 3 times per wash, 29 or 30days a month, solah jamaah is 70 times greater that doing it alone, Lailatul Qadar is 1000 times better and so on...........

Why are they so? there surely be some significance ..

I heard a story about september 11, world trade centre. It is already mentioned in the Quran.

Surah At-Taubah, is a surah which tells a lot about the fightings between Islam and Kafir. Doesn't start with a Basmallah, it is the 9th Surah, the 11th Juzuk , and has 2001 words. The incidence is the starting point for the big war on Islam isn't it?.

Basmallah has 19 huruf. In the Quran Allah in mentioned for 2698, Ar-Rahman 57, Ar-Rahim 144, all can be divided with 19. There are 19 Malaikat guarding Neraka/Hell.

These are some miracles of Quran. Let us learn and not just read Quran.

copied from baalawi



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